Getting Rid of Germs Makes Sense for Your Transportation Hub’s Bottom Line

Getting Rid of Germs Makes Sense for Your Transportation Hub’s Bottom Line

Office furniture can be incredibly expensive to replace. Say only a few chairs on one floor are looking noticeably dingy, but all the other matching chairs on the floor look fine. When you call the manufacturer to replace the few chairs, however, you find that specific style is no longer in production. Are your only options to have mismatched chairs or shell out a significant amount of money to replace every chair on the floor?

Fortunately, you do have a better option! If your indoor assets look like their better days are in the rearview mirror, certain cleaning methods may bring them back to life. Before diving into the solution for dingy office furniture, however, let’s talk about why it degrades so fast in the first place.

What’s Wrong With the Floors of Airports and Train Stations?

Every transportation hub has its unique design; despite this, all have floors of some sort. From carpets to grouted tiles, those floors become home to tons of soil, debris, moisture, salt, silt, and sand. Over time, the grime nestles into fibers or porous surfaces, causing lingering odors and discoloration. Many surfaces begin to show wear patterns long before they should.

Without a doubt, this affects travelers’ perceptions of the facility. And beyond first impressions, dirty floors can also lead to poor indoor air quality and an atmosphere where viruses, infections, and funguses grow and spread. For instance, flyers often take off their shoes during check-ins with the Transportation Security Administration; bare feet and germy floors hardly make a smart pairing — conditions like athlete’s foot are contagious. Plus, humans routinely attract up to half the unwanted substances touched by bare skin, which can lead to a bout of stomach flu or common cold.

Most people wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one out of five people get some kind of respiratory illness after flying. But Clean Environments of Asheville helps clients buck this trend by fostering locations that don’t just serve a function, but also serve the public good.

In addition to health hazards, high flooring maintenance and replacement costs can quickly bite into the capital expenditures of any transportation junction’s pocketbook. One major pathogen spill or a constant overload of abrasive particles can take a bite out of flooring — and demand a huge chunk of change to fix. No transportation facility wants to constantly install new carpet, laminate, hard surfaces, or tiles. Fortunately, with Clean Environments of Asheville , they often don’t have to.

Transportation Carriers and Technicians: Partners in Safe Traveling.

Safety isn’t just about the type and logistics of the available transport; it’s also about the environment of the transportation hub. With the help of Clean Environments of Asheville , facility and property managers can ensure that their hard surfaces stay fresh-looking (and fresh-smelling) day after day and that their textiles give an outstanding first impression to travelers.

Would you like to find out how Clean Environments of Asheville can help you keep your airport, railway station, or bus depot floors cleaner? Talk to one of our local certified technicians today.