General Maintenance Floor Care

General Maintenance Floor Care

Let Experts Take Care of Your Hard Flooring

No matter the style or material of your commercial hard floor – travertine, marble, vinyl, concrete, and more – Clean Environments Asheville provides an effective, complete cleaning solution that will fit your exact needs. Your floor is part of your brand, and keeping it presentable is an important part of that experience, both for your customers and your employees.

For over 20 years, Clean Environments Asheville has provided peerless cleaning services to meet the various needs of our customers. Since every commercial floor is different, it’s important to follow a different, customized cleaning plan for each. Clean Environments Asheville uses only the best cleaning materials and solutions to make sure your floor keeps its wow factor.

Our Cleaning Goes Further

  • Your floor is an investment worth maintaining. With Clean Environments Asheville customized cleaning solutions, we will deliver a unique cleaning plan to ensure your costs will cover not only keeping your commercial floors sanitary and tidy but the sealing and protecting of those floors as well.

Your floor care plan with Clean Environments Asheville includes:

To find out how Clean Environments Asheville can reveal the beauty of your commercial hard flooring, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

Customized Plans for Any Business

Whether your business is a national organization with multiple locations or a local company with one building, Clean Environments Asheville  has a unique way for you to keep your workspace clean and sharp. We offer cleaning services that give you the kind of clean you’ve been looking for.

Make your workplace a cleaner, healthier place to be with Clean Environments Asheville . Please contact us for a demonstration of how our textile care services can revitalize your office.



Each surface has unique care needs. Let us help you find the right Frequency.

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