It’s not just dog poop on the tile floor that can make us sick. A really smelly kitchen sink is another one. There is one mistake that stands out, though: There is a lot of puke on the floor, especially if it’s carpet.

Most people will experience this at some point, whether it’s because their child is sick, they have the stomach flu, or their pet ate something it shouldn’t have. Now, put your hand over your mouth and read about the best ways to clean vomit out of rugs.

Note: Before you do any of these things, ensure you read and follow the carpet manufacturer’s directions. Also, whenever you clean carpets or area rugs, you should always do a spot test first.

Step 1: The Best Way to Get Vomit Out of Carpet Right away

If you want to know how to clean throw-ups out of rugs quickly, read on. If you don’t clean up the vomit right away, it will sink deeper into the carpet strands and maybe even the padding below. It might not be possible to get rid of that sickly smell after that.

What you’ll need:

A trash can

Dishwashing gloves are not required.

Something to spoon

White vinegar that has been distilled or hydrogen peroxide

A spray can

Use old dish towels or microfiber cloths 

1: Do not wash your hands without gloves.

2: Spit on the carpet? Use the spoon to scrape it up and into the trash bag. After getting as much vomit out of the bag as you can, tie it up tight. To avoid having to start over, you don’t want to knock it over by accident.

3: Either hydrogen peroxide or pure white vinegar should be mixed with a small amount of tap water and then added to the spray bottle. Note: Either vinegar or hydrogen peroxide should be used. Don’t use both.

4: To make sure the answer works, spray it on the vomit spot and let it sit until the carpet is damp.

5: Use your towels to dry the area. When a towel gets wet, you should get a new one.

6: Make sure you follow the stain care advice that came with your carpet because you will need to clean it well.

Step 2: The Best Way to Clean Up Vomit

It’s possible that you missed a spot or that the dog got sick and you didn’t find out until a few weeks later. The next lucky thing you have to do is figure out how to clean the carpet best after it’s dry.

Great news! In a way—you are still cleaning up vomit, after all. You can follow the same steps as in Method 1, but with two extra steps:

So you don’t tear the carpet, wet the area before you use the spoon to get rid of the dried vomit.

If you need to, do the whole cleaning process in Method 1 again until the spot is clean.

Step 3: Clean up vomit if you can’t do it right away

We all have busy lives, and sometimes you have to rush to the doctor or take care of a sick child. That nasty mess will have to wait until later if that’s the case.

What you’ll need:

Soda for baking

An old towel

Something that cleans

The things and tools from Method 

1: Put baking soda on the spot on your carpet that is dirty.

2: For at least 15 minutes, put a towel over the baking soda. If you won’t be able to watch your pets, make sure the room is closed off.

3: After taking care of the spot, wash the towel and vacuum up all the baking soda. “If you don’t want to pee in your vacuum, you can use a broom instead.”

4: After getting rid of all the baking soda, do what you did in Method 1.

5: Not having fun figuring out how to get throw-ups out of carpet is something that needs to be done to keep your home clean. Of course, it would be best if no one in your family got sick in the first place. With these tips, you can try to cut down on the germs that get around your house during cold and flu season.